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Confirm Your Partner’s Pregnancy

Community Pregnancy Clinics is here for both you and your partner. If she is thinking, “Am I pregnant?” the first step is to come in for a free lab-quality pregnancy test at one of our five locations. If the pregnancy test is positive, you will have some big decisions to make.

Your Involvement Matters

It is important to communicate your thoughts to your partner and have a discussion about what each of you thinks is best. You are part of this pregnancy and what you think, feel and want matters. In fact, your opinion may be the most influential to your partner. While you may think the best thing you can do is tell your partner that you will “support her no matter what”, that actually can communicate the opposite that it is all her responsibility and her “problem” to figure out. Offer to go with your partner to the pregnancy test and/or ultrasound and educate yourself on all of your options as a potential father. The two of you have many decisions to make and the more you can make them together, the better. Regardless of the decision you and your partner make for the pregnancy, the choice will impact you. And remember, our pregnancy resource center is here for you both every step of the way.

Considering Abortion?

While abortion may seem like a quick fix to an unexpected pregnancy, there are potential physical risks for your partner in addition to emotional and spiritual effects for both you and your partner. Learn about abortion procedures and talk openly with your partner about how this choice may impact you both. If you find yourself disagreeing with your partner regarding the pregnancy decision, we can provide a neutral place where you can talk through your thoughts and both receive support.

Whether you are considering surgical abortion, the abortion pill, adoption, or parenting, at Community Pregnancy Clinics we can support you in your role as a father and discuss the impact each option will have on your life. Bring your thoughts, questions, and concerns and schedule an appointment for you and your partner to meet with one of our staff.

We want to help you. Make an appointment at our Naples, Fort Myers, Sarasota, or Gainesville clinic today.

At Community Pregnancy Clinics, we are here for you! We offer free pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, free STI Testing, and free support during and after your pregnancy.


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