You Deserve a Solid Support System

You are worthy of a great support system. Do you believe that? 

It’s true. Everyone deserves to have people in their lives they can depend on, especially during a time of need – such as if you may be saying “Am I pregnant?”. Including you!

Pregnancy is a time of need where you will be relying on others more than before. And that’s not a bad thing! It is a great thing to let yourself be supported and realize you deserve to be treated with love. 

As your life is changing and your belly is growing, it is normal to feel overwhelmed, scared, nervous, or whatever emotion you are currently experiencing. However, you should not journey through your pregnancy alone or with people who treat you less than you deserve. You need a solid support system to encourage and empower you these next few months and beyond.

Support systems will look different for everyone, but they are often found in family, friends, or churches. No matter where your help lies, remember that a healthy support system consists of people who genuinely love you. They are willing to put your needs before their own, reminding you of your worth. 

If you feel like you are struggling to find support, know that you can find a support network at Community Pregnancy Clinics, a free pregnancy clinic. We create an inviting space that will allow you to let down your walls and see all of your options. Through our actions, environment, and incredibly compassionate care, you will begin to see your strength.

Whether you live in Fort Myers, Downtown or Midtown Naples, Sarasota, or Gainesville, you can make an appointment today to speak to one of our clinic staff at one of our Pregnancy Resource Centers.