Love vs. Use

What does love mean to you? This question is worth thinking about because how you define love will determine so much in your life- how you treat others, how you treat yourself, and ultimately, the success of your relationships. At Community Pregnancy Clinics we care about you and want you to have great connections with the people in your lives. While our culture promotes promiscuity and selfishness between men and women, we believe that you deserve more. You deserve to be truly loved!

When you make an appointment at one of our free pregnancy clinics, you will be treated with care and compassion. Our goal is to help you see your worth, so that when you leave our doors you will have the confidence to expect respect in your relationships. Knowing the difference between love and use will help you identify when you are being truly cared for or treated less than you deserve.

Unfortunately, our world bombards us with messages that promote toxic selfishness. We are told through Instagram influencers, bloggers, and self-help gurus that if we learn  to love ourselves then we will be happy. This messaging encourages people to constantly look inward and be absorbed by his or her feelings. In romantic relationships, it is now common for a couple to use each other for physical and emotional pleasure. These types of relationships are based on use and not love. They are dependent on what I get out of others. However, the pleasure experienced is fleeting, and when one fails to be of advantage to the other, nothing substantial is left between the couple. As a result, more people are depressed, isolated, and unfulfilled than ever before. And oftentimes, women are the ones suffering more from intense feelings of unworthiness.

At Community Pregnancy Clinics, we do not want you to be used. We know that love is so much more than the temporary feelings we experience that can easily lead to superficiality and heartbreak. Put simply, use in relationships occurs when someone satisfies their own desires for someone else’s good, and love occurs when someone puts the good of another before their own desires. Love is actually both a feeling and a choice. Loving another person when we feel romantically attracted to them is easy, but true love occurs when we are choosing to love another even when it is difficult. It is easy to want the best for someone, but choosing to act in a way that is best for another can be more difficult. 

This can look like drawing physical boundaries in relationships to better respect your significant other, setting a curfew for when you spend time with each other at night, or doing something kind for your significant other even when you don’t feel like it. Although loving people in this way may be difficult at times, it will be rewarding. By looking outward toward the good of another person, we forget about our selfish desires and learn how to truly love others well.

You are worthy of being loved selflessly, too. If you realize that you are not being respected as you deserve, our clinics are here for you. Our counselors will show you care and compassion and help you see your value. Make an appointment at one of our pregnancy resource centers today!

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