What You Need to Know About Ectopic Pregnancy

With the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, there are many rumors circulating about ectopic pregnancies. At Community Pregnancy Clinics, women’s health is our priority. By providing accurate, truthful information about pregnancy options, our non-profit medical clinic cares for women every step of the way. You may have a lot of questions about ectopic pregnancy, and we want to provide you with not only answers, but truthful answers.

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy is when an embryo implants outside of the uterus, most commonly in the fallopian tube. Although an ectopic pregnancy accounts for only 2% of all pregnancies, it could be life-threatening for the mother if left untreated.

How will I know if I have an ectopic pregnancy?

After receiving a positive pregnancy test, an ultrasound can see whether or not your pregnancy is located in the uterus and determine if it is viable. If you do not receive an ultrasound and have an ectopic pregnancy, your health is in danger. The baby could continue to grow in your fallopian tube until it ruptures, potentially taking your life, as well as the life of your baby. Are you wondering “Where is a free ultrasound near me?” CPCI offers ultrasound testing at no cost. If you are concerned, schedule an ultrasound with us today.

What should I do if my pregnancy is ectopic?

If your ultrasound and lab results show that your pregnancy is ectopic, you will be treated medically or surgically. You may need to have laparoscopic surgery to remove the pregnancy from your fallopian tube. Please note that this ectopic pregnancy procedure is not an abortion. During an ectopic pregnancy procedure, the doctor removes the baby from the fallopian tube. Currently, doctors do not have the technology to save the embryo’s life during an ectopic pregnancy procedure by transporting the baby to the mother’s uterus.

Do bans on abortion limit the treatment of an ectopic pregnancy?

NO! Abortion is the intentional killing of an innocent human being. Treatment of ectopic pregnancies are done early in pregnancy for the life/health of the mother. Currently, we are in a time when there is no way to save the baby during this treatment. It is not the intention to kill the baby, there is just no way to save him/her. The mother’s life can be saved with treatment of the ectopic pregnancy. 

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