Supporting Women in Unplanned Pregnancies: Insights on Florida’s 6-Week Abortion Ban

As many Floridians may have heard, a new law was implemented in the state of Florida on May 1, 2024, which prohibits abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected (usually around 6 weeks of pregnancy). The new 6-week Abortion Ban has brought about lots of conversation around women’s reproductive health along with concern regarding how it may impact women who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant.

While we do not perform abortions or refer abortions, our staff and volunteers at Community Pregnancy Clinics care deeply for pregnant women who need support during their unexpected circumstances. While we are supporters of life-affirming abortion alternatives, our goal is to provide a safe, judgment-free space for women to feel loved, get the help they need, and provide information on all of their available options so that they can make informed and confident decisions for themselves.

We recognize that this new law stirs up many more questions about the already-challenging whirlwind of an unplanned pregnancy. Our hope is to help to answer these concerns and to be a support system that empowers women to thrive regardless of how difficult these circumstances may seem.

Understanding the 6-Week Abortion Ban

The 6-Week Abortion Ban (also known as the “Heartbeat Bill”) was put into place in hopes of providing protection to unborn babies and acknowledging those babies as living people with rights. The “6 weeks” refers to how far along a pregnancy is when the baby’s heartbeat can first be detected by a medical professional. Those 6 weeks are measured from the first day of the woman’s last menstrual period (LMP).

There are a few circumstances that may be considered as an exception to the 6-week rule. These circumstances include cases of rape and/or incest that result in a pregnancy. Another circumstance that may warrant an exception is for women whose health or life is at risk due to complications that arise during their pregnancy.

Impact on Women With Unplanned Pregnancy

An unexpected pregnancy can be an incredibly difficult challenge to work through, often leaving the mom with really tough decisions to make. At Community Pregnancy Clinics, we aim to help women to understand the facts about each option available to them so that expectant mothers can be confident in the choice they are making.

The Pressure of a Quick Decision

A woman who is 6 weeks pregnant (from her last menstrual period) means that she is 4 weeks post-conception. At this point in time, many women don’t even know that they are pregnant yet, and if they do, it leaves very little time to learn the facts about their options before making a decision. This pressure can lead to women making hasty decisions that are not well thought out, which can potentially lead to regret and emotional distress down the road.

Abortion Alternatives

For women who miss the 6-week window for considering an abortion (and even for those who still have time), there are options other than abortion to consider as well.


For pregnant women who do not feel ready to be a parent, adoption is a choice that allows the baby to live with a loving family. There are different types of adoption that allow for varying levels of involvement of the birth mother.

There are many adoption agencies available to help women understand the process and the different types of adoption available. Community Pregnancy Clinics is happy to help connect our clients with the right resources for those interested in learning more about adoption.

Safe Surrender

For mothers who are interested in adoption, but want to remain anonymous, many states (including Florida) have created “Safe Haven Laws” to allow women to safely give up responsibility for their child at a specified location (such as a hospital or fire station) without having to provide their identity.

Safe Haven Baby Boxes are also an available option that are set up in order to allow the mother to place the baby in a specifically designated safety device without physically handing the baby to another person.
For more information about Safe Haven Laws, check out our blog, “Safe Haven Laws: An Option for Unplanned Pregnancy”.


Maybe it wasn’t in the plan, but it is absolutely an option. Many women who weren’t expecting a pregnancy choose to parent themselves. We have many clients who have and couldn’t be happier with their decision.

We understand that parenting is a huge decision that comes with a lot of questions and challenges of its own. Community Pregnancy Clinics offers one-on-one mentors to help navigate the world of parenting. We also offer online parenting classes that cover many helpful topics for those who choose to parent. Yes, it is a life-changing decision, but there is lots of support to help you along the way.

Community and Governmental Support Programs

Women facing unplanned pregnancies may also benefit from accessing community and government support programs designed to assist individuals and families in need. These programs offer a range of services, including financial assistance, housing support, healthcare services, and childcare assistance.

Examples of such programs include Medicaid, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).

To the Women of Florida Experiencing an Unplanned Pregnancy

We understand how difficult and scary this might be. We see you. Please don’t rush your decision. You have options and we are ready to help you navigate this.

No matter what decision you make, it should be well thought out and not rushed. You have time. You’re not alone and you will get through this.

How a Pregnancy Center Can Help

As our state adjusts to this new law, Community Pregnancy Clinics will remain firm in our commitment to providing compassionate, non-judgmental support to pregnant women who need it. We offer many free pregnancy services, including pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, options counseling, STI screening, and resources to support. Our goal is to make sure women feel safe and comfortable talking about their choices and to have the accurate information needed to make decisions about their pregnancies.

Let’s all work together to make our community a better, more supportive place for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Your support can really make a big difference in their lives. If you or someone you know needs help with an unplanned pregnancy, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
A big thank you to everyone who stands by us in supporting women’s health and well-being.

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