Community Pregnancy Clinics Mobile Clinics are staffed by licensed professionals and offer free, confidential services for both men and women. Our services include free pregnancy tests, limited obstetric ultrasound, STI screening (Chlamydia and Gonorrhea), counseling, and community referrals.

Our Mobile Clinics serve a variety locations each month throughout the Southwest Florida region. Please consult our calendars for a listing of locations for each Mobile Clinic. Walk-ins are welcome, but if you’d like to make an appointment to be seen at a specific time, please call 239-940-1559 for Mobile Clinic 1 or 941-993-5072 for Mobile Clinic 2.

Please note, when parked at each location, the Clinic door is kept shut for patient privacy and to save on operating costs. Please knock on the front passenger window upon your arrival, and we will be more than happy to assist you.

Please bring a photo I.D. and if requesting STI screening, please do not void one hour before your visit.

Our Mobile Clinic Calendar below lists our upcoming dates and locations for both clinics, and is updated regularly.

We wanted to reach out to you to let you know how we at Community Pregnancy Clinic are responding to the current situation. We are following all guidelines from regulatory or government bodies. At this time, we continue to see patients. Your health and safety will always be our top priority, and of course if any change is made to our hours of operation, we will communicate that information to you immediately.

We have always followed all CDC and OSHA standards of infection control on a daily basis.

However, we have taken some additional steps:
– We are doing a brief health screening of everyone who is scheduled for an appointment via a telephone call and with those who enter our building. If an individual  is feeling feverish, or has a fever of 99.8 degrees or higher, a persistent cough, or shortness of breath, we will kindly ask that they return home.

– We are requiring all of our clients and visitors to wear a mask, so please wear one to your appointment.

– We are limiting the number of people in the reception area. Please limit those coming with you preferably to 1, and practice social distancing while in the reception area.

– We are removing all books and magazines from the reception area to prevent transfer of germs via sharing of those materials.

– We no longer have a jar of pens at check in, but one pen. After each use we will sanitize it for the next patient.


Call your primary care physician or the Florida Department of Health (866-779-6121—open 24/7) for instructions.

– If you are showing any symptoms of a viral illness, however minor they may be, we are asking that you stay home.
– Our team will not be shaking hands with or hugging anyone. While we are proud and grateful that you may come into our clinic as a patient and leave as a friend, we will be avoiding any contact without gloves.

This is an unprecedented situation for all of us, and we sincerely hope and pray that life returns to normal quickly. Until then, as healthcare providers, we want you to know that you can depend on us during this time.